Friday, August 12, 2011

just a touch of Fahrenheit 451

I had a very vivid nightmare the other night.  The plot of the dream was strikingly similar to that of the Hunger Games, but it involved my own children. 
I have to admit that I really do not care for the Hunger Games Trilogy.  All this time, I have tried so hard not to be biased against the books.  Many people liked the series and I wanted to give them a chance.  In truth, I can’t wait to have them out of my house. 
Not many books can affect me enough to give me nightmares.  I use to have reoccurring nightmares as a child.  If I wrote them out I could put Stephen King out of business.  So I consider myself pretty tough in the nightmare department.  This particular dream had me in tears.  Needless to say, I have decided that I need to officially let go of the books and stop writing about them.  
I am looking for a new series of books to begin writing about and I am open to suggestions.  Though I would appreciate no suggestions that involve children sacrificing themselves for each other or for the sport of others. 

For those of you who were so anxious for me to write about this series, I am very sorry. 


  1. Tamara,
    I was just on the verge of reading this series before the movie came out so that at least I could make an intelligent decision rather than relying on others' opinions. However, your blog served its purpose. I am prone to nightmares, so I think it would be wise to skip this book.
    So, how about a book review about a current popular book that we can have our daughters read?
    I'm actually thinking of having Camille read "Gone with the Wind."

  2. That sounds like a great idea. I will take a look at our library this week and see what I can find. Gone With The Wind might be a bit long for me to get to by next Friday but I can certainly look into it. :)